Balconi Coffee Company

Mon - Fri 7:00am - 7:30pm / Sat+Sun - 10:00 am - 7:30 pm

Since 1997, we’ve brewed drinks of exceptional quality and flavor, using the Siphon Method. We are a “multi-roaster” coffee bar and serve a rotating selection of brewed-to-order coffee, espresso, and specialty drinks. 

Origin & Use

When? - The Siphon method was invented in the 1830s and has been used  for more than half  a century.

Where? - The Siphon Coffee Pot was born in Berlin and later made its way into full production, in France.

How? - By heating water in the lower chamber, pressure builds, forcing the water to mix with the ground coffee in the upper chamber. After brewing, the burner is extinguished and the coffee is sucked back down into the lower chamber, by vacuum force.

The Result -The Siphon Coffee Pot brews the perfect cup of coffee--smooth, low in bitterness, full-bodied, and delicious.

The Siphoned Taste

The Siphon Coffee Pot brews a smooth cup of coffee that is low in bitterness, full-bodied, and delicious.

Why does it taste so good? Automatic regulation of water temperature, for smooth and consistent extraction of flavor. Coffee beans exposed to the entire volume of water are allowed the gentle release of the bean’s oils. Brewed coffee is never “cooked” directly, via flame. Keeping the coffee away from the grounds (via vacuum force), prevents over-extraction, resulting in a more flavorful cup of coffee.

Brewthers & Siphsters

Ray, Owner

Ray, Owner

Rachel, Barista

Rachel, Barista

Rudy, Barista

Rudy, Barista

Alex, Barista

Alex, Barista

The Shop

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Yelp - "I've tried their green tea latte and almond essence latte, and I keep coming back for them."

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